Getting Through Bad Times

As I write this we’re in the midst of a worldwide pandemic – the coronavirus! Many people have lost their lives, many others are ill in hospitals; thousands have lost their jobs because many countries have had to impose lockdowns to try and prevent the spread of this virus. This virus has touched and impacted everyone’s life and in most cases, the impact has been a negative one.

There’s no denying the fact that we (the whole world), are facing one of the most devastating times ever. Everywhere we turn we’re confronted with sad, depressing and overwhelming news and statistics about the coronavirus and it’s impact. Because of the lockdown and also because of our need to know the latest news, we have been consuming all this bad news on a daily basis and this has resulted in many people being negative and losing hope.

Hope is all around

As long as we keep our focus on all the negative stuff, we never get to see all the good things that are all around us. For example the lockdown has enabled busy parents to spend quality time with their kids, we’re learning to appreciate all those who have been working and keeping things moving during this crisis. There’s so many things we take for granted but I would like to believe that this coronavirus has taught us the importance of appreciating many things. Take time to think about and appreciate the many things that you often take for granted. Be thankful for today, for life, good health, family, food, shelter, friends, freedom and much, much more. Most of all we need to focus on God and be thankful to Him because without Him we wouldn’t have all these things that we take for granted.